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Amanda Coleman - The Irish Angel

Introducing Amanda Coleman

Irish Angel is a support network grown from the love and respect I have for all Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters, Military, Armed Forces, K9 Units, Security Forces Armed and Unarmed. We live in very trying times where we are surrounded with a lot of hate and unrest toward our first responders.

I have the utmost respect for these men and women who sacrifice their lives every day, to try and make a difference in society. So I want to make a difference however small in these incredible people’s lives who do so much for such little appreciation.

I had the immense pleasure of being honored the call sign "Irish Angel" from SWAT HRT OPCON-1 for all my support for all Law Enforcement throughout the world. It’s something I hold close to my heart, in turn grew the concept for Irish Angel. Supporting all our first responders and military as they are the heartbeat of our society! Always remember Blue Lives Matter because All Lives Matter. I think the coming together of all agencies and supporters, can help all first responders feel a sense that what they do is so worthwhile and not in vain, making their jobs a little easier.

Aside from the feel good factor, it will bring agencies together to share advice, ideas and concerns they may be having and together maybe finding a solution, have debates and voice whatever they think is relevant to them that may have an impact on another. Most of all it’s about building great friendships and just good old fashioned networking.

Welcome and enjoy!

Emergency Operations Proving Ground

E.O.P.G First Responders

I am delighted to be a part of such an amazing organisation. E.O.P.G who are a non-profit organisation. E.O.P.G was, founded by a truly awesome and inspirational guy Officer Banning Sweatland who has also had an amazing career serving his country in the United States Marine corps.

Banning and his superb board of management wish to build a 2033 acre state of the art training facility in Dallas Fort Worth. There is no training facility offering what these guys will be offering and on the magnitude that E.O.P.G will be.

The facility will train all Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire Fighters, Security Forces armed and unarmed and k9 Units to train together as one. To unite as one in the fight against terrorism foreign and domestic. To make our countries better and safer places to live.

E.O.P.G will have world class training with some of the top instructors in the country and from around world. It will be cost efficient at super affordable prices. Banning knows being an LEO just how important it is to have training on this level. It is badly needed given the threat that first responders face every day. Banning also knows how hard it is to get top class training that isn’t super expensive given an LEO and first responders income. You cannot put a price on a life so E.O.P.G wish to make it that all first responders can train there and more importantly train TOGETHER as one, so all can eliminate the threat united.

E.O.P.G wish to open a facility training to members of the public so everyone is prepared. E.O.P.G will also be running some free self-defence classes for civilians. The aim is to train not only in America but also throughout the world.

E.O.P.G not only wish to train our agencies tactically but also will have training facilities for all Veterans who are transitioning into normal life. Helping them with skills, résumés and to help in finding great jobs, for great people who served their country proudly.

Being a Marine and a LEO Banning knows the horror and stigma that is associated with PTSD. So he wanted have a facility to help all first responders and military who suffer with all forms of PTSD. It is something very close to Banning’s heart as he knows the difficulties these great men and women face daily. Help E.O.P.G make the world a safer place!

If you would like any more information on E.O.P.G and wish to donate as they have the mammoth task of raising the money to build this truly awesome training city then go to their website:

Irish Angel

Callsign Irish Angel

Amanda M. Coleman designated call sign "Irish Angel", by Hostage Rescue Team Operational Control 1 (HRT/OPCon-1), is hereby recognized for her steadfast and unwavering support for the men and women of law enforcement around the globe be they uniformed patrol, criminal investigators, or special weapons and tactics (SWAT).It is her dedication and uplifting attitude that provides a positive effect on the morale of all during these most trying of times in today's world.

Stephen Brooks Call sign "Precious"

Our Charity Partners

Charities & Non-Profits

We have selected some charities and non-profits that are solely to help all first responders, law enforcement, military and their families. We will update with events of each charity as they happen. If you can help in anyway whether it is donating money or volunteering please click on the organization of your choice and I am sure their dedicated team will be only to, happy to assist you in anyway.

Thank you for your support.

Project k9-Hero

Support our Retired K9 Heroes

Project k9-Hero always ensures the best quality of life for our nation’s retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes through providing assistance with medical costs, food and end of duty services.

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Crusader Equestrian

Charity Equestrian Organisation

Our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much for our freedom, and safety, We intend to help them find peace, closeness, and unconditional love through the healing powers of our horses.

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Adapt A Vet

Support Our Disabled Veterans

Our goal is to serve Veterans who meet Adapt A Vet’s eligibility criteria and make critical home adaptations that increase quality of life, independence, safety, and self-sufficiency of the Veteran.

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Cops 4 Cops

Support Our Cops

Cops 4 Cops Tx Police is a non-profit organisation that shall be operated exclusively for the purpose of helping our fellow law enforcement personnel both civilian and sworn, in the event of a life changing indecent.

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SF First Responders

Stair Climb

Bringing awareness and support for first responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Injuries. An annual event in remembrance of those that gave their lives and those who are forever affected by such events.

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Silent Witness Inc

Working With The Community

Assisting law enforcement in solving crime. We work in partnership with the community, media & law enforcement, & are member of Crime Stoppers USA & Crime Stoppers International.

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Cowell Foundation

Supporting Families & Children

What’s a wonderful way to aid a child or family in distress? Have a lot of fun with them. Give them a reason to smile. And then give a little more. These are among the key missions of the Colten Cowell Foundation.

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Shadow Warriors

Fighting the Shadows

Our Mission is to honor our brothers who are Contracted to serve their country silently behind enemy lines and through their heroic and courageous acts have fallen or been injured.

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Our Web Developer

Introducing PH7 Anything But Neutral

Irish Angel collaborated with the awesome Ian Johnstone of PH7 Anything But Neutral. Ian and his team at PH7ABN did a fantastic job in this project. Ian worked tirelessly at developing the perfect site for you guys. He was extremely patient and listened to my vision. Ian was a delight to work with on this as there was nothing that was impossible for him to do regarding the Irish Angel site.

As Ian is of a military background after spending 20 years as a military veteran and then 5 years with the U.K police as a civilian program manager, Ian knows the importance of what Irish Angel represents and how badly the support is needed. So, it was very easy for Ian to understand my vision and how best to execute it.

Even though we were not in the same country it didn’t in any way hinder the process. Through conference calls and mailing the process made me feel at ease and the task completely simplistic. I would recommend Ian and his team at PH7zone. They were a joy to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with Ian and his team in the future.

Irish Angel had an angel of its own so, thank you kindly Ian and all at PH7zone.

Check them out here http:

PH7 Anything But Neutral

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